Killer Abs


There is one thing about bathing suit season that has everyone hitting the gym: getting definition around the stomach area. Getting sleek, toned abs doesn’t happen overnight, but if you take just one month to target those muscles you can see some pretty serious results. Use these five simple ab exercises to be ready for summer and looking amazingly fit in just four short weeks!

Perfect The Plank

Start by laying on your belly, with your forearms resting on the floor. Activate your stomach muscles to lift your torso and legs off the ground. Hold your legs and torso up for around five seconds, and then slowly lower your body to the original starting position. Do a few repetitions to really work your abdominal muscles.

Try The Classic Crunch

This ab exercise is an absolute classic — and it works. Start on your back with your knees bent and your feet placed on the floor. Place your hands behind your neck for support, and crunch in an upward motion enough to get your shoulders off of the floor. You are sure to feel the burn after a few repetitions!

Curl Up With The Captain’s Chair

Begin by sitting in a chair with your back pressed up straight against the back. While holding onto the sides of the chair, use your abdominal muscles to lift your legs and bring your knees towards your chest. Return to the starting position, and repeat this exercise to truly feel the effects in your stomach area.

Utilize The Russian Twist

Sit on the floor and lift your feet around two inches off of the ground. Interlock your fingers and shift your body from side to side, touching the ground on each side. You can make this exercise more difficult by holding a weighted medicine ball, which will really work your muscles even more intensely!

Pedal Through The Bicycle Maneuver

Lay on your back with your hands placed behind your neck. Lift your knees to a 45-degree position, and begin to start pedaling, while bringing each elbow to the opposite knee in an alternating pattern. Make sure your breathing stays relaxed throughout the exercise, and repeat for as many repetitions as desired.