Going Goble

Our four-legged friends are a little different than us humans. Instead of sweating to cool down, dogs have to pant. This can be even more troublesome for dogs with breathing problems. So to minimize the risk of heatstroke and keep your pup feeling comfortable, try these simple, summertime tips.

Protect Your Pup

Protective gear is super important for dogs during summertime. Items like protective shoes for dogs are a must for summer outdoor activities or even simply walking down the sidewalk on a hot day.

The heat that is absorbed by the ground can burn your best friend’s feet. Take precautions to make sure this doesn’t happen. Also be sure to monitor your dog for any symptoms of heatstroke such as excessive panting, thick saliva, dark red gums, swollen tongue, heavy drooling, fever, vomiting, collapse, and seizures.

Stay Well Groomed

While some may think shaving a dog’s coat will cool them down for this summer, doing so could actually do the opposite.

Grooming with a comb or brush is recommended more than shaving your dog’s coat for several reasons. Dogs’ top coats actually insulate heat and keep their bodies cool. In addition, your dog could get a sunburn if they are shaved too closely. By grooming with a brush, you help your dog get rid of their undercoat which could be trapping more heat than it should.

Keep ‘Em At Home

Perhaps the easiest piece of advice on this list is to simply keep your furry friends at home.

You may enjoy bringing your pet everywhere. However, they might not be too fond of this idea during a summer heat wave. Also, if you’re worried your dog isn’t getting enough exercise, try teaching them a new trick or whip out the old laser pointer to get them active and moving.