jumping rope

Fitness Magazine

Many people associate jumping rope with childhood, but that’s not the case. Jumping rope is a total body workout that is fast and effective. You not only get some cardio in, but you’ll quickly start burning calories, and it’s so easy to do. You need nothing more than a jump rope and a little space. Here are five reasons that jumping rope should become part of your daily routine, no matter where you are.

It’s A Workout For The Whole Body

Jumping rope is a cardio exercise that works out not just the arms, legs, or core, but the whole body. Your arms are constantly moving as the rope moves. Your core is worked by maintaining balance as you jump. Your whole legs, but especially your calves, are all using muscles too.

It’s A Fast Way To Burn Fat And Calories

Jumping rope for five minute beats out walking on a treadmill for five minutes any day. You’ll burn more calories and fat jumping rope during that five minutes, no question. That’s because jumping rope is, as mentioned, exercising your whole body. This leads to more fat and calorie burning across the board.

The Equipment Is Highly Portable

You can bring a jump rope anywhere with you. Whether you’re traveling, at the office, or going to the gym, your handy jump rope is easy to tote. Also, you can jump rope just about anywhere, and very little space is required. The fact that a jump rope is very affordable does not hurt either. This is one versatile exercise, as it turns out.

A Healthy Heart Is A Happy Heart

Cardiovascular exercise is great for the heart, and you can get your heart rate up quickly by the simple act of jumping rope. What’s more, the more often you jump rope, the better your heart health becomes, all the while giving your muscles exactly what they need to kick your body into gear.

Up Your Balance

It may not seem like being especially balanced is so important, but it is. When we get older, we lose some of our sense of equilibrium. That extra balance you gain from jumping rope can save you from many a fall down the road. It also helps with balance through its potential to increase bone strength.