Job Interview


The secret to landing your dream job lies in the preparation. Are you brave enough to try this key piece of advice?

Lose The Nerves, Get The Job

There’s no denying it: Professional interviews can be lengthy and nerve-wracking. If you are tired of sitting through long interviews without landing a job offer, it may be time to switch up your approach. However, many people are hesitant to try the one piece of advice that experts say could make all the difference when preparing for job interviews. What advice is that? Record yourself practicing.

While nearly everyone has a camera or smartphone, these tools are underutilized by job-seekers. Many people believe that they can think on their feet during a job interview. The truth is, they often underestimate the role of nerves in an interview situation. Being nervous makes it much harder to answer even simple questions.

Your Camera Is Your Career Coach

This is exactly why recording your interview practice works wonders. It can be nerve-wracking to hear your voice or see your face on camera. Recording yourself helps to simulate the nerves you are likely to feel on interview day. Create a list of common interview questions, then practice answering them. Dress in interview attire for practice. Make every effort to recreate the actual interview situation.

Many people avoid watching themselves on video because they notice things about themselves that they don’t usually notice. This is the second reason that everyone should record themselves in a practice interview. You can observe yourself objectively. Assess your body language and your speech patterns. Listen for words like “um” and “like.” Notice when your answers are too long-winded. Pay attention to your posture, eye contact, and distracting fidgets.

Practice Makes Perfect On Interview Day

After you critique your performance, it’s time for take two! You will notice that your answers and your confidence will improve each time.

By practicing with a camera and improving upon your performance, you will be ready to impress the interviewer on the big day. It will soon be time to say “goodbye” to your resume and “hello” to a great new job!