Wintertime won’t keep people from exercising outdoors. They want to keep the winter weight off their bodies in time for spring. When it comes to their workout gear, they may have an insufficient selection. We look at five important items that are needed to survive a workout session in the cold.

Fits Like A Glove

Without the right set of gloves, you may experience some frostbite while taking your morning run. 180s Tec Touch Stretch Gloves, SSG Winter Training Gloves, and Zensah Reflect Running Gloves are perfect purchases. If you’re bringing your phone, these specific gloves make it easier to use it while you’re out.

Ear To Ear

Keeping your ears warm is essential for a perfect outdoors workout. If your ears get too cold, you can wind up with hearing loss via tinnitus. Exolite Acoustic Earmuffs and JOEYOUNG Fleece Ear Warmers provide the perfect support. If you’re into listening to music, Yatra Music Muffs help keep your earbuds intact.

Get A Leg Up

Leggings are essential for keeping your legs warm. In this scenario, you’re going to also need leggings built for sweat. For women, the best leggings around are Under Armour’s ColdGear. These pants include ribbed side panels and a special waist pocket. For men, it’s CompressionZ’s Compression Pants, which are perfect for various sports.

Stay On Your Toes

If your toes aren’t warm enough, you’re not going to embark on that chilly workout. For men, Balega Blister Resist No Show socks are great for avoiding blisters. These socks are made out of mohair, which is the strongest fabric on the market. Women will enjoy wearing SmartWool PhD Outdoor Light Mini socks. These socks are created with 58 percent merino wool, which is thinner than normal wool.

Hats Off To You

With the right headwear, you’ll be able to prevent a potential cold. Easily, the most popular thing you’ll see is the North Face beanie. For a cheap price, this delivers tremendously for the average person. If you’re looking for something advanced, Mizuno Breath Thermo Beanie offers extra heat for those freezing runs.