Meeting someone online is no longer viewed with the same skepticism as it once was. It is no secret that online dating sites and apps are a widely popular way to connect with people these days. It is so integrated into our culture that there are even strategies out there for finding more online dating success. Recent studies are showing that one strategy, in particular, has the potential to get you far where online dating is concerned.

The Online Dating Secret That Will Get More People To Notice You

While it is important to include your true self and interests in your online dating profile, there is one interest above all that might behoove you to focus on. Talk about your lov02 e of travel and adventure. Whether you like traveling across the globe, moving around in your own country, or simply exploring the hidden treasures of your own locale, include that in your profile.

Travel is hot right now, and it draws people’s attention, at least according to Marketwatch in their research of the best ways to get noticed on an online dating app or service. Of course, if you’re not interested in travel in the slightest, you don’t want to be misleading. Misleading potential mates likely will not lead to a real connection, anyway. But, it seems like you can’t go wrong mentioning your interest in travel and adventure.

The Stats Behind Why Mentioning Travel Is A Good Idea

People who mention travel or even local adventures in their dating profiles have a higher likelihood to get a response, and that is a fact, at least accordingly to data gathered by the dating app called Match. The top 20 words that improved a person’s chances of getting a response all had to do with travel.

If you can be specific about your travel destinations, do it. Mentioning Tuscany, for instance, gives you a 934 percent higher likelihood of getting a response. Mentioning Machu Picchu makes the response rate 873 percent more likely. Say the word Bermuda and you will increase your chances of a response by 587 percent. Those are just examples. Be specific about wherever you went, and your online dating success will surely rise.

Travel Photos Go A Long Way

Travel photos are also a great way to get people to notice you on dating sites, which makes sense based on how everyone from the boomer to the millennial generation is embracing travel these days. Travel photos tend to get a higher percentage of likes than photos than photos without location tags.

Tinder has reported that one out of five of its users mention in their profiles that they are looking for someone to travel and explore with. Accompany that with a couple of photos where you are off adventuring, and you might find yourself much more successful in your online dating life.