South China Morning Post

Instant noodles are one of the cheapest and most accessible meals for Americans with few funds. Many college graduates claim to have lived on the convenient cups of dried noodles throughout their college life. New research reveals that eating instant noodles on a regular basis can cause long-term repercussions.

Those Noodles Last Forever

These noodles are “instant” for a reason. Normal noodles spoil after a few days and must be refrigerated. In order for instant noodles to sit on a shelf for years and come back to life with a little water and heat, they are doused in chemicals. One is particularly dangerous…

Four Letters With A Big Impact- TBHQ

Many use TBHQ as a preservative. TBHQ is the chemical trash that comes from making oil. As if that’s not bad enough, TBHQ alters metabolism. When first exposed to it, the body dismisses most of it as waste. With each subsequent encounter, the body absorbs more of the chemical.

Why Not Eat A Spoonful Of Salt?

Anyone who has eaten instant noodles knows this next fact instantly. These noodles have a ridiculous amount of salt in them. Aside from table salt, instant noodles also have high levels of MSG, which makes it taste saltier and wreaks even more havoc on the body. Excessive sodium is damaging.

The Two Cs of Instant Noodles Are Carbs And Empty Calories

Instant noodles lack calories and nutritional value. Since the scant calories come from pasta, there is a disproportionately large amount of carbs per calorie. This combination of factors means that consumption of instant noodles is unsatisfying and causes weight gain. Noodle makers have done something about the lack of nutrition.

Too Much Of A Good Thing

Some brands fortify their noodles with vitamins, but that can be dangerous too. This is great for people who don’t get vitamins elsewhere, but most Americans aren’t lacking folate or manganese. According to U.S. News, excessive levels of these vitamins can cause bone, hair, and liver problems.