rubber bands


For nearly 175 years, rubber bands have been one of the most beneficial items in our lives. While many used them to keep important papers together, their overall usage has changed. We look at numerous ways you can use rubber bands in unique ways.

Find your way home

If your car’s GPS is broken, use rubber bands to help guide your way. Simply use two rubber bands to hold your cell phone or GPS device to your rear-view mirror. Keep your devices updated before use. If you need to make a phone call during the drive, use a Bluetooth headset.

Carry your food safely

Most crock pots on the market feature a lock top to prevent any spilling. If yours don’t have one, place rubber bands all around the lid and handles. This allows you to transport your meal to the next location with no worries.

Sorting out cords

For cords, they can be a nightmare if they’re left sitting around. It could take you several minutes to untangle everything just to get the proper cord. With rubber bands, you can wrap each cord up and store them in a safe spot. If you want to take it further, use different colors of bands for each cord type. For example, red rubber bands can be used for musical cords.

Getting that jar open

Every so often, you’ll get a jar that’s tough to open. Place a rubber band around the jar’s lid before opening again. The band will help strengthen your grip. If you still can’t get it open, attach another rubber band.

Entertain your children

If you have children, you’ll know how intrigued they can be at everything. Turning an empty tissue box into a guitar can lead to hours of entertainment. Aside from three rubber bands, you’ll need an empty paper towel roll. Cut a hole on top of the box, and insert the roll as the guitar neck. Place two rubber bands on its side before cutting down the middle of the roll. After inserting the third band, tape up the roll to avoid it from breaking. Different rubber bands can emit different tones from the strumming. “As far as I’m concerned, the tissue box guitar is the quintessential homemade musical instrument,” Brett Paesel told the Kennedy Center website. This neat device can lead to your children being interested in playing music.

Keep apples fresh

Having apples out in the open for too long can cause them to lose crispness. If you’re packing some sliced apples for a picnic, rubber bands can help them stay fresh. After cutting the apple, put the slices back together and wrap some bands around it. When you’re ready for a snack, your apple will be just as crisp as it was in the refrigerator.

Stabilize the cutting board

With cooking, the cutting board can be a hassle. Constant chopping can cause it to move around, which can lead to an accidental cut. With two rubber bands, you can keep it sturdy the entire time. Place a rubber band around each side before sitting it on the counter.

Keeping toothbrushes together

Multiple toothbrushes can be a bit hard to keep in one spot. If you’re trying to have a proper area, use three rubber bands and an empty cup. Wrap each band around the cup in different directions. When you’re done, you’ll have enough space for six toothbrushes. Add more rubber bands if you need more room.

Make tea bags dry

Something that irks tea enthusiasts is their tea bag slipping in their cup. Soggy tea bags can leave a mess when you’re done. To prevent it from happening, wrap a rubber band around the cup and bag.