Human Body


Your body is the most precious thing you have. With so many seen (and unseen) parts, keeping it all together takes work. Did you know there’s even more going on inside you than you think? We look at some strange facts you never actually knew about your own body.

Quit Ribbing Me

Surprisingly enough, it’s possible to have an extra rib. We’re not talking about a cookout, either. This extra part is called the cervical rib, and it’s located above your first rib. This only occurs in 1 in every 200 births. Unfortunately, a cervical rib can be a major factor in thoracic outlet syndrome.

Manic Monday

Heart attacks are easily one of the most frightening things to occur. Various studies have stated that humans get heart attacks the most on Mondays. It’s not hard to see why this is the case. Mondays are known to produce the most stress as the start of the workweek.

Breathe You In

Have you actually ever wondered how hiccups came into our world? Well, they’re built into our system because of our ancestors. In the old days, they managed to call the ocean their home. In order to breathe underwater, they have to hiccup in order to push the water out.

World In My Eyes

When it comes to taking photos, megapixels are very important. It’s the major difference in having a grainy photo and a professional image. One human eye has the resolution of 140 MP. While that sounds pretty high, it’s nothing compared to 400 MP cameras on the market today.

Great Vampire Repellent

Garlic is probably the last thing you’d want to eat raw. It’s been discovered that you can taste this ingredient with your feet. Rubbing garlic on your feet will bring the taste and smell in your mouth in an hour. The reasoning for this is allicin, which is able to swim through your bloodstream.