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Obama’s communications director Dan Pfeiffer got some spot-on marriage and dating advice from the former POTUS. Pfeiffer was kind enough to share that advice in this new book, Yes We (Still) Can. It all happened in a limo one fateful day in 2015.

Limo Ride Turned “Dr. Obama”

Barack Obama is proud of the relationships that blossomed during his campaigns and political tenures. While riding in the limo with Obama, Pfeiffer let it slip that he was planning on moving in with his then-girlfriend Howli Ledbetter.

“Think this is the one, huh?” Obama asked. That’s when Obama turned into the presidential Dr. Phil. Out came the relationship advice.

How To Know She’s Down For The Long Run

Obama said that figuring out if she’s The One comes down to three simple questions. The first, and most important question: “Is she someone you find interesting.” You’re going to listen to this person’s opinions a lot. Will you want to hear what she has to say for the rest of your life?

Laughter is one of life’s greatest joys. Ask yourself, “does she make you laugh?” And finally, if you plan on having kids, “will she be a good mother?” Marriage is a marathon, not a sprint. These are the questions that matter.

How To Stay Hitched

Pfeiffer was able to answer yes to all three questions. He and Howli tied the knot in October 2016. That same year, three other couples who had met while working for Obama took the marriage plunge.

Michelle Obama’s opinion on the subject might be worth noting as well. She says never to sweat the small stuff. Just when you start getting riled up about spilled milk, something actually devastating will come along and remind you what really matters. The dirty socks on the floor aren’t a big deal. They just aren’t.