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VoIP is an acronym for Voice Over Internet Protocol, providing digital telephone service over the internet. It’s a popular choice among businesses that have a quality internet connection and want to use the internet to make phone calls rather than relying on a separate phone plan. 

Over the years, VoIP has gained popularity among businesses who make international phone calls in order to lower the cost of their phone bill. With that, the quantity of  Voice Over Internet Protocol services has grown. These days, you can find three types of VoIP providers: VoIP-only, VoIP combined with cloud phone system services, and VoIP combined other communication tools. This short guide explains how to choose the best VoIP services and what to look out for. 


RingCentral continuously takes the crown as the best VoIP service on the market. It’s available worldwide and it remains one of the best reviewed and most popular service in the world. Catering to businesses and individuals, it offers competitive and attractive prices. Its business offers include unlimited calls, customizable caller ID, and support for multiple users. 


Customers can also choose other packages for unlimited users, video conferencing, and many other options. It features four main pricing plans, ranging from an entry package to ultimate plans. Users can also enjoy a free trial with every pricing plan before making their purchasing decision. 

Overall, RingCentral caters to small and large businesses and has an impressive dossier of over 350,000 clients. 

8×8 X Series

8×8 is the second most popular VoIP service on the market, offering so-called ‘virtual office’ plans for small and mid-sized businesses. Much like its competitors, 8×8 offers all the necessary services needed to run a digital office. However, they stay on top of their competition by adding integration with some of the most important business apps and software, including Salesforce, 1CRM, Zendesk, and Netsuite. Therefore, 8×8 VoIP is ideal for companies with a strong focus on their sales department. 

The 8×8 plans vary on the size of your business. Customers can test out their services for 30 days before committing to their preferred plan. Companies can also mix and match the plans to find out the one that’s the most beneficial for their business and long-term goals. 

AT&T Office@Hand

Previously called AT&T Collaborate, AT&T Office@Hand extends AT&T’s telecommunications services by also providing VoIP plans. It provides its customers with cloud-based telecommunications which include voice, fax, text messaging, and audio and video conferencing. It’s focused on a mobile-first office communication experience and provides a standard as well as a premium plan. On top of all the standard features you can find at most reputable VoIP services, AT&T’s plans include fully integrated phone, fax, and messaging services, plus app integration with Salesforce, Google, Zendesk, and Microsoft Office 365. 

Due to its straightforward plans, it’s ideal for small businesses or startups who are in the middle of growing their company and wish to plan ahead but can’t commit to a bigger enterprise package.  

Verizon Business Digital Voice

Verizon Business Digital Service has been praised for developing a VoIP platform that is tailored to the specific needs of big businesses and enterprises. Each business is unique and has diverse communication needs. Verizon ensures it has a custom plan available for your company. Its plans include standard features you can find elsewhere, but also include specialized features that allow you to operate anything from your mobile device. 

Due to the complexity of its plans, Verizon Business Digital Voice is suitable for companies ready for a long-term commitment with easy upgrades. What it lacks in short-term commitment unavailability, it makes up for in diverse and customizable features. 

How to Choose the Right VoIP Provider? 

If you’re on the hunt for a Voice Over Internet Protocol service, you may be overwhelmed with the available choices. In order to determine which service and plan you should take, you need to carefully analyze your company’s communication needs. 

The first question to focus on is what type of business phone number do you need. Most VoIP services are able to cover everything from toll-free to international numbers. Some of the most affordable packages may have limited options, though. 

Alongside this, you should have a clear idea of your team’s communications, outbound and inbound calls, audio and video conferencing needs, and any need to integrate business tools with communication services. Of course, we mustn’t forget about your budget and the contract type you’re looking for. 

Once you have a clear idea of the services you need, it’s time to do the research. It is recommended to start with the most popular providers who have a responsive customer service to answer all your questions. Choosing a good VoIP service can significantly improve your team’s performance, as can these productivity activities