Some people always smell good, and it’s not just because they have chosen the correct scent to adorn all the time. So, there must be some strategy behind smelling good, something that goes deeper than just a person’s choice of perfume. What is the secret? These five tips should give you a head start so that you’re the one who makes other people think, “Wow, she smells good!”

It’s All About The Layers

People who always smell great don’t just use perfume, one and done. Instead, they layer their scents. That doesn’t mean they are using a bunch of different kinds of sprayable perfume though. Instead, think body washes, body lotions, and oils. The layers of those scents will make it more likely that you’re able to hang on to your sweet smell for much longer.

It’s Not Just About What, But Where

Wearing a fragrance is not good enough. Where you wear it is also very important. Don’t just spray perfume on your wrists or apply your lotion to your arms, and especially don’t just spray it over your clothes. Use it directly on your skin, on your stomach, chest, behind the knees, and even behind the ears. Because those areas get more friction, your body heat will help disperse the scent more thoroughly.

Timing Is Everything

If you apply a scent while your skin is dry, it generally won’t last as long. However, if you apply it right after your shower while your skin is still a bit damp, the moisture can help to keep it around longer. Now, you won’t have to worry about constant reapplication to keep on smelling amazing.

Potency Is Key

Perfumes come in different potencies, and that is definitely something to pay attention to when choosing a scent if you want to smell good all the time. For instance, a light citrus fragrance will have a tendency to disappear faster, while deeper scents like sandalwood last a bit longer. Choosing at least one scent with a deeper scent, be it in your spray, your wash, or your lotion, is a good call.

Reapplication Is A Must

A woman who always smells good likely has some travel-sized perfume and/or lotion in her purse. That’s because no matter what you do, your body is incapable of holding on to scent forever. When it wears off, reapplication is necessary to keep smelling your best. Just in case you’re not in a position to go home, which happens from time to time, that travel-sized spritz will come in handy.