Spoiler: It’s a lot more than what plants need.

Quick notes

● The amount of water needed varies.

● Too much water has made people sick.

Everyone loves bragging about what they drink at the club, but no one brags about drinking water! Without it, there’s a great chance your body will have multiple problems. Staying hydrated is a big issue, especially during the summer. We’re here to tell you how much water to drink to stay active.

Water is everywhere

The actual amount of a person’s water intake doesn’t come from drinking it out of a glass. Water is found in everything we eat. Fruits have some of the highest water content around. Watermelon, which is a fantastic summer snack, is filled with 92% water. Oranges, berries, and cantaloupe also deliver a massive amount of water. Vegetables such as cucumbers, lettuce, and zucchini are also perfect for water intake.

As expected, soup will keep you hydrated. If you’re trying to be tough and switch the water in soup, you’ll be disappointed. Do you feel like using milk to go with that ramen? Water makes up 85 to 95 percent of milk. Are you looking to splash some beer in that soup bowl? Water makes up 95 percent of that, too. Water is inescapable like taxes and getting old.

Is eight glasses enough?

No matter where you turn, you hear eight glasses of water will do wonders for you. This exact number is a mystery to many people. There’s no telling if this was decided by a game of spades or duck, duck, goose. Whatever the situation, this stuck with doctors, and you can’t change their minds about it. According to sports scientist Jon Bartlett, the amount of water you need varies on the situation.

“A person’s daily water requirements are highly individual and dependent upon a number of internal and external factors. While eight glasses of water per day is recommended as a base requirement to meet daily physiological needs, the actual volume of water required in a day is dependent on one’s day-to-day activities, health, and the climate in which they reside. Research shows even just a mild level of dehydration can negatively affect both mental and physical performance,” Bartlett told Inverse.

Eight glasses of water can fill a two-liter bottle. While this could be shocking to many, it really isn’t. Gallons of water get sold in droves at supermarkets every day. Many people buy gallons to prevent the usage of tap water for cooking.

Too much water is a thing

There are some benefits to drinking a gallon of water every day. You can fight bloating, lose some weight, and gain fewer headaches. With these positives, however, come one major negative: you could get water poisoning.

Water poisoning might sound made up, but 200,000 people get it every year. Having too much water in your system can lower your blood’s sodium. This can lead to symptoms such as nausea, fatigue, and muscle cramps. There’s also you spending a copious amount of time in the bathroom. In very few cases, people have died from this situation.

Some famous names found themselves victims of water poisoning. Emmy nominated actor Anthony Andrews drank eight liters of water daily while performing on stage. Andrews spent three days in intensive care after passing out near his car. An autopsy determined artist Andy Warhol was given too much water by the hospital before his death.

Keep yourself hydrated

In the end, having water in your system will lead to a healthier life. As a shocker to no one, water is healthier than both milk and juice. While juice has nutrients, it can do damage to your skin through sugar intake. Unlike water, milk can aggravate certain allergies in your body. It’s best to put these two aside for the real deal.

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Eight glasses of water are ideal for a normal day, but you can tweak it depending on things. Skipping out on the right amount of water can lead to a lack of tear production. Without tears, you’ll look weird during exciting moments like winning the lottery or finding the perfect parking spot. While the war between tap and bottled water rages on, everyone’s glad to have it in their system.

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