According to linguistics professor and author Marie Young, women are pretty good at apologizing in the workplace. For many, saying sorry is a way of showing sympathy and ensuring people continue to like you amidst difficult circumstances.

This then begs the question, if you’re great at apologizing, but find it difficult to ask someone to say sorry, how do you request an apology when you’re owed one?

How Do You Ask For An Apology?

If you feel you’re deserving of an apology, try telling the person who’s wronged you what’s happened and how that made you feel. It’s good to try and articulate your precise emotional response to the scenario, so the offending party knows exactly how they wronged you. Then, once they see what they did to offend, it should prompt an immediate apology.

This is a healthy strategy for working out issues with people who genuinely care about your well-being.

A Surefire Strategy

Firstly, you need to pinpoint the specific action that hurt you, and hone in on why that negatively impacted you. Once you’ve communicated this to the offending party, provide them with a viable alternative to their behavior. For this to be a productive experience, you need to highlight the error of their ways without being aggressive, which is exactly what this strategy achieves.  Then, round it all off by saying something like; ‘So, I’d like an apology please.’

This is a fabulous way of resolving conflict, and when done correctly,  it opens an avenue for active conversation rather than a full-scale argument.

Things To Note

If you’re longing for an apology from someone who’s grievously wronged you, then adjust your expectations. Sometimes, people aren’t good at empathizing and hence don’t feel the need to apologize.

Try not to be disappointed by their close-mindedness, and understand these kinds of people are usually toxic influences. Chalk this up to experience and do your best to try and cut them out your life.