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When wild creatures and the human world clash, it can sometimes lead to disaster. However, this bear enjoying a taste of mankind’s summer proves that the animal kingdom knows how to chill out, kick back, and have fun like us!

A Summer Surprise

One of the summer’s many luxuries is the ability to thoroughly enjoy the feeling of a nice, cold pool! After a long day at work, taking a dip with a drink can correct any stressful encounters during the day. When Mark Hough’s wife came home requesting alcohol, Mark got to work to make his wife happy. He hardly knew his efforts would lead to the surprise of his life!

Mark decided to prepare some margarita’s so he and his wife could spend some relaxing time in the sunny pool out back. However, once they got settled outside, Mark heard some alarming noises coming from the edge of his yard. Much to his shock, Mark found that the source of the ruckus was none other than a massive, hot bear!

A Playful, Energetic, Sun-Loving Bear

Mark and his wife weren’t willing to take any chances with the creature, and they dashed inside with their dogs in tow! A few minutes later, Mark snuck outside to see if the bear had moved on to the next yard. Instead, he found a hilarious sight: the creature had kicked back in his hot tub!

The bear seemed uber-relaxed as he leaned against the edge of the tub and cooled himself off. However, the creature wasn’t just into resting in the refreshing waters. The playful gleefully bear knocked around the thermometer and chlorinator as if they were toys! But as childish as they were, they weren’t about to miss out on indulging in some adult fun!

Hysterically Throwing Back Mark’s Margaritas

Mark had abandoned the margarita he prepared outside, and the bear was apparently thirsty for more than pool water! They hopped out of the jacuzzi and headed straight for Mark’s drink. As soon as the bear caught a whiff of the alcohol, they knocked the glass over and lapped up the entire margarita! But as soon as he finished it, he did what any sensible adult would.

The bear roamed around in the yard, found a cozy tree, and proceeded to take a two-hour power nap. After getting in a good, drunken sleep, the bear went on his merry way! Since Mark’s first ordeal, the bear has been on the run from the local police. But can you blame the adventurous animal for wanting to have a little fun in the sun?