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There are times when you’re in the kitchen thinking of creating the next big meal. Many times, you blow yourself and others away with the end result. Other times, you simply toss it out and order some pizza. Here are five of the worst recipes ever invented by manthat some people insist on eating anyway.

The Brits Dig It

Coming from Britain, marmite has the blunt slogan of “Love it or hate it.” Well, many people in North America aren’t fans of this spread. Throwing this on toast along with mustard and cheddar cheese is completely unsettling. Meanwhile the fine folks in the United Kingdom routinely eat this for lunch.

Wrong Choice, Junior

In 2016, Dale Earnhardt Jr. destroyed the internet with his love for banana and mayonnaise sandwiches. The combination left many feeling sick to their stomach. To make matters worse, Earnhardt Jr. placed the recipe for this meal on his website. The two time Daytona 500 winner doesn’t seem to care about what people think of his beloved food.

Let Them Eat Cake

Heinz has urged people to make ketchup cakes for years. Some people decided to go for it, and the result is simply horrifying. The New York Post‘s Rachelle Bergstein created this desert, and she wasn’t a fan. “My son had gone to bed, and I didn’t bother saving any for him. In the wild, it’s called a mother protecting her young,” she said, after trying her creation.

For The Bold

Doritos are delicious as a quick snack while you’re headed to your next location. However, they don’t make a great breakfast cereal. Some people combine Doritos and milk because they’re out of corn flakes and need a substitution. Others do it because they think it’ll be cool for social media. Either way, it’s about as appetizing as it looks.

It’s All Bologna

Bologna sandwiches are a cheap and satisfying snack. Bologna cake is a complete disaster to your senses. This meal, which is filled with mayonnaise, was first discovered in the 2002 film Sweet Home Alabama. Since the film’s release, people have been making their own bologna cake. It’s safe to say their friends passed on this offering.