Homemade Products


When it comes to online shopping, brand name items are always the top pick. Smart shoppers, however, tend to go for items created by independent companies. Not only are they usually cheaper, but you’re supporting a small business in this tough economy. These five independent products should be on your radar.

Credit Card Baby

Most people have so many credit and debit cards that it’s a bit difficult to carry them all around. Fortunately, this leather clutch wallet from Dante has you covered. You can fit up to 17 credit cards in this wallet. There’s also a removable wrist strap available if you have your hands full.

Watermelon On The Vine

When it comes to picnics, watermelons are always a great choice for a snack. If you’re looking to shake things up, bring this watermelon keg tap from Final Touch. This device doesn’t only work with watermelons. You can turn any fruit into a delicious beverage in a matter of minutes.

Life’s A Bath

Aprilis understands the right ingredients needed to make a true bath bomb. Made from natural ingredients, these bath bombs won’t turn your bath or skin into a colorful nightmare afterward. Each gift set comes with six different scents: lavender, rose, green tea, milk, pot marigold, and osmanthus. These would make fantastic gifts for Mother’s Day or Christmas.

Accidents Will Happen

Trying to find out where your pets did the business on your clean carpet? This UV flashlight from Vansky can help you save money on carpet cleaning by identifying select soiled areas. You can also use this nifty device to discover counterfeit cards, dry your nails, and find bed bugs.

Cat Scratch Fever

Are you looking to pull some laughs from your friends when they come over? This tissue holder from What On Earth will do the trick. This is a perfect gift for anyone who adores these frisky felines. The manufacturer isn’t sure how actual cats will react to this addition, though.