callouse feet


Feet with cracks and callouses are more than just unsightly. They can also be quite painful. Cracks and callouses are often caused by excessive walking, particularly if you haven’t chosen the correct footwear. The good news is that you can solve these problems in the comfort of your own home. These five home remedies will leave your feet smooth and beautiful as if the cracks and callouses were never there.

Exfoliate Your Way To Happy Feet

Using five parts ground rice, one part honey, two parts apple cider vinegar, plus a bit of olive oil to create the right consistency, you can make your own exfoliating foot scrub. Exfoliate your feet with this scrub right after a shower or bath, and leave it on for up to ten minutes. The pain of the cracks and callouses should subside right away. With multiple applications, your feet will be in good shape before you know it.

Fill Your Socks With Glycerin

Make a mixture of 50 milliliters of glycerin and between eight and ten drops of ammonia. Right before bed, rub the mixture generously into your feet, then put on some thick cotton socks. When you wake up in the morning, your feet will be well on their way to callous-free. Keep sleeping in these glycerin socks for a week or so until your feet are soft and healthy again.

Choose Your Shoes Wisely

Paying special attention to your footwear is particularly necessary for people who do a lot of walking. Not only do your shoes have to fit well, they should also be comfortable. This means that if you feel any part of the shoe rubbing against your feet or toes, cracks and callouses are much more likely to appear. Choose shoes made for walking and that fit you well so you can avoid cracks and callouses in the first place.

Give Your Feet A Lemon Soak

Placing your feet in a tub of lemon juice is an option, though that might be a bit intense. However, soaking cotton balls in lemon juice or making a foot moisturizer with lemon juice and olive oil and applying generously to your feet works just as well. The alpha-hydroxy citric acid in lemon juice works to separate the dead skin from the living cells beneath.

Maybe Coconut Oil Really Does Treat Everything

Coconut oil is a highly effective skin moisturizer. All of its nutrients and fatty acids allow it to soak into your skin quickly and stay there. Those fatty acids also have anti-microbial properties that can ease irritation caused by cracked skin on your feet. All you have to do is rub the coconut oil directly onto your feet and they will be on the road to healing just like that.