Most of us love traveling. Period. However, if you’re feeling the pinch, then jet-setting probably isn’t on the top of your to-do list. In light of that, we’ve compiled together three of our favorite places to visit if you’re on a budget. These won’t disappoint!


Estonia is a fabulous place to visit. In addition to all the beauty this place exudes, it’s incredibly well-situated for day trips to other nearby hotspots. As you explore, you’ll enjoy beautiful lakes, historic buildings, and all-around gorgeous scenery.

If you’re staying in Tallinn, you can quickly jump on a boat to Stockholm or Helsinki. So in addition to seeing Estonia, you can take a brief tour around Scandinavia- win-win!


Latvia, in a word, is just breathtaking. Not only is this a cost-effective place to visit but it’s also incredibly charming. Everything from the hotels to public transport is cheap. The capital, Riga, is well worth a visit (although it suffers from a somewhat dubious reputation that it no longer deserves).

The capital has undergone significant rejuvenation over the last decade. It’s now one of the largest hubs for art and architecture throughout Europe. So, if you consider yourself a culture vulture, you’ll have died and gone to heaven!


If you love history, and fascinating buildings then you’ll enjoy Lithuania’s capital, Vilnius. This city boasts beautiful houses, quaint alleyways, traditional courtyards, and colorful churches. In addition, to all the culture, you can also enjoy a variety of vibrant bars, pubs, and restaurants. Plus, there are tons of boutique shops for you to explore- it has everything you need for a city break!

Be sure to sample some authentic Lithuanian cooking. Be on the lookout for a dish named cepelinai. These are large dumplings made of potato, stuffed with meat or occasionally cheese. They’re typically served alongside sour cream and crispy bacon- delightful!