Maddy Moon

We’ve all had our heart broken. Whether it was your high school sweetheart, a short fling in college, or a failed marriage, no breakup is ever easy.

How you deal with the aftermath of a lost relationship may be much more important than you realize.

Breakups Mess With Your Emotions

It’s no shock that losing your significant other takes a toll on your mental health. Post-breakup can be a bit messy emotionally, and sometimes the only thing that can fix it is a pint of Ben & Jerry’s.

We all know that dealing with an ex can be mentally and emotionally exhausting, but did you know that your physical health can also suffer? You may want to rethink your post-breakup thoughts. They are probably doing more harm than good.

Your Body Has A Distinct Response

Not all relationships end well. If your breakup was on bad terms, chances are you have some hostility towards your ex. Holding onto this anger can result in serious consequences. This anger you are harboring for a lost lover can lead to life-threatening health conditions—increasing blood pressure, heart attack, stroke, a suppressed immune system, and even weight gain to name a few.

The reason behind this negative domino effect? Your body’s fight or flight response when presented with situations that cause anger. Your body has to work extra hard during these instances, and this effort can be much better spent making sure each bodily function is being completed properly.

Time To Let It Go

You may not be happy with how your relationship ended, but holding on to resentment and anger will only damage your body in the long run.

Immerse yourself in your favorite hobbies and pastimes after a romantic split. Meet up with friends, grab a coffee and sit down with your favorite book, or hit the gym and start a new workout routine.

Relationships are never easy, but you should always remember to take care of yourself first. Make your health a number one priority, always.