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Trying to find a great job out there is more than just a perfect resume and who you know. What you wear to the office can affect how far you’ll go in your field. We look at five things that should never find its way at your next business meeting.

Flex Those Muscles

Unless your job has a gym, don’t arrive to work with any workout gear. It might be the hottest trend, but some bosses aren’t up to date with what’s hip. Sneakers and sweatpants are not acceptable attire. Leggings, however, can be worn comfortably underneath your work pants.

A Very Tight Situation

Many women have been sent home for wearing tight clothes to work. Several bosses have considered this kind of attire to be too sexual. The same goes for clothes that are too baggy. “Wearing something that fits you well will give you that extra boost of confidence,” financial adviser Ida Liu told Forbes.

Pajamarama In Effect

National Wear Pajamas To Work Day happens yearly on April 16. Trying to come to work in pajamas on any other day might give odd looks. Vogue editor Chelsea Zalopany did give some advice on trying to make it work. “One can get away with wearing a pajama set by dressing it up with a fancier shoe,” she said. You should still leave the PJs at home and come dressed in a proper fashion.

Diamonds Are Forever

Having outrageous jewelry is a great way to attract people when you’re at the club. Wearing it at work can be distracting to your co-workers. You don’t have to completely leave your earrings and such at the door, though. Wearing smaller scale jewelry is appropriate for office settings.

Smells Like Happiness

Smelling good in the office is a plus for everyone surrounding you. Throwing on too much perfume before work can make things uncomfortable. The scent of the perfume can land on your co-workers, and they’ll have to carry it home. If you can’t get enough perfume, use lighter ones.