Properly maintaining your hair can be the difference between a beautiful mane and an out-of-control bird’s nest. Looking for the best way to take care of pesky tangles from root to tip? Use these five tricks to keep your hair healthy and free of knots—without constant pulling and tugging!

Dry Your Hair Properly

Although it is convenient to simply throw your hair up into a towel after taking a shower, you are damaging your strands in their most delicate state. Instead, blot your hair dry with a towel to prevent unneeded knots. Avoid intense rubbing, as this can do more harm than good.

Kick Split Ends To The Curb

Not getting your hair cut regularly can add up to some serious damage over time, and it can also cause some gnarly knots. Make sure to keep your split ends in check by getting your strands trimmed on a schedule. Split ends are a major cause of pesky tangles, and beside that, they just don’t look good.

Sleep On The Right Kind Of Pillow

The type of pillowcase you use can have a distinct effect on your scalp. Cotton and flannel pillowcases cause friction, which can be disastrous when it comes to your strands. Lay your head on a satin pillowcase instead to prevent unnecessary breakage throughout the night and enhance the smoothness of your hair.

Choose Your Comb Wisely

You need to start being more selective with your styling tools—especially when it comes to taking care of your hair when it’s wet. Opt for a wide tooth comb in order to avoid snags and breakage. This type of comb reduces tugging on your strands, which can lead to a healthier scalp overall.

Braid Before Bedtime

Leaving your hair loose as you sleep can become problematic. Any tossing and turning throughout the night can lead to big knots and tangles. Braid your hair before going to bed to keep it contained and to prevent any tangling. Try a french braid to really keep things in line.