You have probably heard that bread is bad for your heart. You don’t want to eat too much bread. But is it really that harmful to your body? While it’s true some breads are questionable, not all breads are bad. In fact, some can help you lose weight, including these three types.

But First, Why Is Bread Considered Bad?

We’ll be the first to admit that bread is delicious. But it has carbs and calories, like many other plant-based foods. But you’re only harming your health if you prefer white bread—the worst bread you can eat. The refined bread has lost its most nutritious ingredients. White bread created the stereotype that all bread is bad for you.

Here’s Why Bread Is A Good Thing

If you avoid white bread, you’re not harming your health by eating bread. For example, bread made with whole grains is more fibrous and adds benefits to your digestive system. The bread is also high in protein, which can maintain weight control and lower the risk of heart disease.

Stick To Ezekiel Bread

If you want to eat healthy bread, start with Ezekiel bread. This type is made from organic, sprouted whole grains that contain plenty of grains and legumes. The bread is sugar-free, but also has a high protein content, which helps lower your blood sugar and will have you feel “fuller” for a longer period of time.

Try Rye Bread

Made with natural rye flour, whole grain rye bread helps reduce your bodyweight, improves insulin sensitivity, and lowers your total cholesterol. Eating rye bread will also reduce your hunger cravings for at least eight hours. You can also try bread made from barley or any type of wheat-free bread for the same health benefits.

Fall In Love With Whole Grain Bread

People who want to try healthy bread tend to stick to whole grain bread because of the plentiful nutrients, fiber, and healthy plant compounds. Whole grain bread doesn’t contain high-fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors, or colors. When you’re shopping, look for “whole wheat,” “whole oats,” or a similar whole grain listed in the ingredients.