hazardous foods


Teaching children healthy eating habits is an important part of parenting. However, there are many foods that seem safe, but can actually be incredibly harmful to your kids. Whether its due to the ingredients or, weirdly enough, the texture, these five foods should be kept as far away from your kids as possible.

Chocolate Milk

While regular milk can be healthy for a child’s bone development, chocolate milk can spoil the tastebuds! It is full of sugar and teaches the body to crave sugary substances rather than healthier foods. To keep your kid from growing dependent on sugar, stick to non-flavored milk instead!

Unprescribed Multivitamins

Many parents believe vitamins will help with their kid’s development and growth. But without consulting a doctor, self-prescribing these pills and gummies can be detrimental to a child’s health. Your children should be receiving most of their nutrients through the food they eat anyway. Make sure you clear any nutritional supplements with a doctor!

Slippery Hotdogs

Sure, hot dogs aren’t the most healthy, but it’s not the high sodium that can actually pose a major choking hazard for your child! The rubbery and smooth texture of hot dogs makes it easy for children to choke on large, unchewed pieces. To avoid this, its best to cut up a hot dog into irregular shapes before feeding it to your little ones!

Super Sugary Cereal

Cereal is often cited as a healthy breakfast food even though it doesn’t contain much nutritional value at all! In fact, most cereals are chock-full of unhealthy sugars, carbohydrates, and various other processed ingredients. Topped off with food coloring and harmful chemicals, cereal is anything but a healthy breakfast!

Choking-Hazard Grapes

Just like slippery hot dogs, grapes are a major choking hazard! Grapes are the perfect size to clog up a kiddo’s tiny throat. It’s better to air on the safe side and stick to a softer fruit like bananas. However, if your kid is hungry for this precarious food, cutting the grapes into slices can eliminate the risk!