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Can’t afford a gym membership? Or, quite frankly, have trouble actually making it to the gym? There is a workout you can do, and it only requires steps and a resistance band.

Bad Habits Die Hard

A lot of us suffer from the gym membership guilt – we have one, we know we should go at some point, but we always seem to have a reason to skip. Maybe we’re too tired. Or we missed the class we like. And even if you do make it to the gym, do you really know what you’re doing once you get there?

Without a trainer on call, it’s easy to worry you’re doing more harm than good to your body with poor form or bad exercises. Not anymore.

The Workout

The first step is simple: just walk up the stairs, one at a time, for a minute. That’s it. Just walking the stairs for one minute. The second step is the same as the first, but take the steps two at a time instead. Step three is where things get energetic. This time, turn to your right and take the steps sideways for one minute, crossing your right foot over your left.

Then, reverse! Turn to your left and cross your left foot over your right, taking the steps sideways for one minute. The fifth step? Off the steps! One minute of kickbacks (kick your heels up behind you, aiming to hit your rear).

The Results

Do these five steps five times, for a total of fifteen minutes (with a minute rest in between repeating) for a great glute and thigh workout.

Pretty easy, right? And you don’t even need to leave your house if you don’t want to (or you can do this on the StairMaster and actually use that membership).