After a late night, and a long day, the last thing we’re bothered to do is take off our makeup. As night draws in, all we want is to crawl into bed and enjoy some much-needed rest. We’re all guilty of it!

However, as tempting as it is, sleeping in our makeup shouldn’t become a regular occurrence, and here’s why…

Gross White Spots

Have you got ugly looking white spots on your face? Especially, around the eyes? This could be a result of not taking off your makeup before heading to bed.

These might be small white cysts that require a dermatologist to remove them. This usually involves an electric needle! We think we can all agree we’re better off spending a couple of minutes taking off our makeup before hitting the hay. 

Dry, Cracked Skin

Sleeping in a face full of makeup stops our skin from repairing itself, which leads to dull, dry looking skin. If you already suffer from this, you’re likely to make things worse by sleeping in day-old cover up (especially the areas around your eyebrows and nose).

Top Tip:  moisturize after washing your face to protect yourself against flakey, cracked skin. 

Your Skin Absorbs Everything!

It’s easy to forget our skin’s an organ; we need to look after it, just like our hearts or kidneys. The natural oils that occur when we sleep absorb the chemicals in our makeup, which increases the likelihood of breakouts.

Additionally, your makeup traps all the nasties floating around in the air, when we fall asleep with our makeup intact we absorb an unhealthy amount of air pollutants. Needless to say, that isn’t good for us!

Has this convinced you to start taking off your makeup before bed? We’re confident you’ll be glad you made this part of your nighttime routine!