hair trends

There are many beauty trends that begin as good ideas, but they quickly phase out. Beauty gurus decide after a few months that the trend was horrific. They ask, “What were we thinking?” Trends come and go, including these five hairstyles everyone is deciding to ditch. Are you ditching your hairstyle?

The No-Fuss Bob Is Too Simple

Also known as the minimalist look, this hairstyle screams “I just rolled out of bed and I don’t care how I look.” It’s simple, usually cut up to chin-grazing length, and is often paired with hair scrunchies, bobby pins, and hair clips. But this trend is expected to phase out by 2019.

Bangs Are Out

Bangs were really popular in 2018. Shaggy bangs were in full-force because of their low maintenance styling. The hairstyle presents a “preppy” look, but also sophisticated. But however popular this trend was in 2018, it’s slowly being replaced. If you have bangs, it’s time to find a new hairstyle.

Barrel Curls Are Too Fancy

Everyone loves a beautiful barrel curl. The bouncy curl is formal and sophisticated, and it was very popular in 2018. It was popular for proms, wedding, and more. But we’re now ditching this trend for nonchalant middle waves. While curls are still considered beautiful, the curl doesn’t have to be quite as precise.

The Pixie Cut

One of the most popular hairstyles of 2018 was the volumized pixie cut. It’s bolder than the long pixie and welcomes plenty of volume and texture. However, even though there are still a few requests for this hairstyle at hair salons, the trend is slowly losing popularity, among other trends.

Ombre Has To Go

The ombre hairstyle was one of the most popular hair trends of 2018. Most women were opting to have a gradually fading color in their hair. But now the trend is being replaced by natural balayage highlights and even exposed roots. But we’re sure even this trend will die out in a few months. That’s the circle of life for beauty trends.