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ou don’t need a special potion to get your eyebrows on ‘fleek,’ as the kids say. 

Quick Notes:

  • Nutrition plays a big role in growing out eyebrows

  • Oils that moisturize the hair can help eyebrows grow

  • Excess manipulation can cause thin eyebrows

Eyebrow trends generally lie at one extreme or another. Pencil-thin lashes have been very popular. There was a time when it was fashionable to shave off natural eyebrows and draw on faux eyebrows with eyeliner. During that time period, some women even resorted to getting drawn-on eyebrows permanently tattooed.

Today, the trends have moved to the other side of the spectrum. Now, it is popular to grow out full, bushy eyebrows. This has left millions of women who are used to threading and tweezing their eyebrows down struggling to find a reasonable method of growing out their eyebrows.

There are plenty of expensive serums on the market, but there are also cheaper simpler solutions. The skin around the eyebrows is especially sensitive, so it is import to use products that are safe. Growing out eyebrows by changing diet and rubbing natural oils on the eyebrows has been suggested by many beauty bloggers, but are these methods scientifically sound?

What makes hair grow?

Hair may be comprised of dead skin cells, but nutrients can help it to grow. Just like the hair on the head, eyebrows can be helped to grow by making a few adjustments and consuming the right vitamins and nutrients. Patchy hair, anywhere on the body, can be a sign of an underlying health issue or a nutritional deficit.

When a person who used to have full eyebrows suddenly has thinning eyebrows, this can be a red flag that an internal problem is the cause of a lack of luscious eyebrows. This does not have to be a permanent problem. There are simple, practical steps to take.


Although the science behind it is not definitive, biotin is highly regarded for its hair growth properties. There are topical biotin oils made specifically for the eyebrows, and vitamin capsules are readily available in most health stores. Be sure to check the ingredients to ensure that the vitamins actually consist mostly of biotin rather than fillers.

Vitamins A-E and healthy proteins all help with hair growth as well. These vitamins can be taken in the form of supplements, but the body needs those vitamins as well. A diet consisting of plenty of plants, veggies, and certain meats will help. Citrus fruits, salmon, spinach, sweet potatoes, nuts, and avocados all provide the necessary nutrients for growing out eyebrows.

How oils and beauty routine can help

Coconut oil, Jamaican black castor oil, and argan oil are all helpful for growing out eyebrows. Each of these oils has different properties. Most of them do not actually cause hair to grow, but they surround the hair follicles with moisture and nutrients that make a perfect environment for growth.

Care should be taken when using these oils on the face. All of these oils come in many different strengths and varieties. Before applying any oil to the face, make sure that it is safe to do so. Oil that is intended for the hair may not be safe to be used on the face, and oil that is intended to be used elsewhere on the body make be too strong or too oily for the thinner, more sensitive facial skin.

Regardless of the chosen oil, it can be applied to the eyebrows using a medicine dropper or a clean makeup brush.

There are also several practical changes that can help with growing out eyebrows. When it comes to hair on the head, people are familiar with protective styles that limit the amount of manipulation the hair receives. The same principle applies to the even more fragile hair follicles of the eyebrows.

Tweezing, threading, and even applying makeup can all be culprits for causing thin, patchy eyebrows. If these practices are done regularly and eyebrows start to thin, the solution could be to cut these practices out of the beauty regimen.

There are several simple ways to grow out eyebrows. With a little tender loving care, the thin eyebrows of today can be the luscious eyebrows of tomorrow.

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