Over four billion people fly the friendly skies yearly on various journeys. While the price of flying has increased, the amount of deals has helped eased the rising cost. Fortunately, there are some deals that can be found simply by waiting for the right moment.

Happy Accidents Everywhere

Mistake fares are the equivalent to electronic stores mispricing a popular item. The only exception is that these fares normally don’t get retracted when noticed. Airlines will occasionally goof up when marking prices.

Many times, these fares occur when they forget to add additional fares or there’s an issue with converting currency.

Hunting For Deals

Well, how low can some of these prices be? A round trip flight from the U.S. to India can cost $244. If you’re looking to head to New Zealand from San Francisco, you could grab a deal for $260.

When it comes to finding these deals, Scott Keyes is a complete wizard. In 2015, he founded Scott’s Cheap Flights after years of discovering mistake fares. “If you do a little bit of leg work — learn how to get a few miles and how to use them well — you can start to travel really, really well,” he told Business Insider.

A Sticky Situation?

As mentioned, there is a gamble when it comes to mistake fares. Some airlines have canceled these fares for various flights. Earlier this year, British Airways were forced to cancel 2,000 tickets to Tel Aviv and Dubai. Each ticket was at the low price of $1. As expected, passengers were upset.

The upside is that many of them will simply let them pass. They see this as great promotion for their airlines. Canceling a bunch of flights might cause people to avoid their service again. Be sure to stay alert for these cheap tickets with Scott’s Cheap Flights or Google Flights.