Gordon Ramsay


Scrambled eggs might be the first dish you learned to make on your own. It’s a breakfast staple, and it’s moderately simple to prepare. You probably have your own method perfected, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try new things.

That’s exactly what acclaimed chef Gordon Ramsay says you should do: try something new. He revealed his secret to making the perfect scrambled eggs in a recent episode of MasterChef. So, what’s the secret?

Don’t Overcook Them

Ramsay was quick to warn contestants that it’s easy to overcook scrambled eggs. “The secret to the perfect scrambled eggs is don’t overcook them,” Ramsay advised.

Then he began his demonstration— explaining that you should start with cold eggs and crack them open into the pan.

What’s The Trick?

Take three cubes of butter, approximately 25 grams, and add it to the pan with the eggs. Stir over medium heat until the eggs start to cook. But, what’s the trick to prevent the eggs from overcooking? According to Ramsay, it’s fairly simple: remove the pan from the stove.

This step slows down the cooking process— cooling your eggs for just a few seconds. Stir your eggs and then bring the pan back to the stove. Continue to stir until the eggs start to clump, and then remove from the heat once again.

Add one tablespoon of crème fraiche, or sour cream, to the pan before returning to the heat. The cream adds, according to Ramsay, a “creamy texture and stops it from overcooking.” Stir occasionally and remove from the heat once the eggs are clumpy but soft. Season with black pepper and garnish with chopped chives for taste.

The Perfect Scrambled Eggs

How will you know if your eggs are overcooked? According to Ramsay, “You’ll see the eggs become really watery.” It’s important to repeatedly stir the eggs both on and off the stovetop to slow down the cooking process. No one wants watery scrambled eggs!


Pair your breakfast with a piece of toast and sun-dried tomatoes, and you’re ready for a wonderful start to your day.