Traveling Sustainably

Travel Tripper

Transitioning to sustainable travel does require more work than regular traveling, but not much. With just a little bit of research, planning, and mindfulness, you can easily become a traveler that also helps to save the planet. There are plenty of small ways to protect the planet while traveling. Here are five great ideas to get you started as an eco-traveler.

Go Green Hotel Or Go Home

There are many hotels out there that advertise themselves as friends of the planet. They do things like recycle, use renewable energy, and find ways to save energy at their property. Staying at eco-friendly lodging is a great first step in staying green while globetrotting, and all it takes is some minor research.

Skip The Rental Car

Instead of renting a car when you visit a new place, if there is an option for public transit, use it. Walking and renting a bike are also earth-friendly options for getting around. Plus, moving through a new city this way allows for a more integrated look at the place and culture you are visiting. If you absolutely must rent a car, try a hybrid or electric car.

Reuse Your Towels

Most of us don’t wash our towels after every use at home because it’s not necessary and is a waste of energy. That practice should also be applied while traveling. When you’re staying multiple nights in a hotel, keep the same towels until the end of your stay. There is no good reason to waste that water and electricity, especially if you’re a person that cares about the environment.

Eat Local

Part of the reason we travel is to have new experiences and try new things. Eating locally will kill two birds with one stone in that department. Not only will you get a true taste of the local cuisine and what it has to offer, you’ll be reducing your carbon footprint too.

Flying Nonstop Is More Than Just Comfort

Make it a priority to book a nonstop flight to your destination if possible, and not just because it is more convenient. Airplanes use the most fuel during take-off and landing. That means a nonstop flight will help to significantly cut back on carbon emissions. If you really want to commit to green traveling, this step is a must.