taste buds

Trying to eat healthy sounds pretty simple, right? Well, it’s not. Over time, our taste buds become content with certain tastes. Throwing in something new might trigger some bad feelings all around. Fortunately, there are a few ways that you can eat healthy without breaking a sweat.

Play That Song

When it comes to eating, many people tend to watch their favorite shows. A select few enjoy listening to some music while chowing down. Throwing on a favorite album is actually a great way to devour that plate of spinach faster.

Studies have determined that music helps ease your taste buds. For best results, throw on some slow music. To prevent yourself from finishing your meal, avoid throwing on loud music such as metal or electronic music. If you want to dig deeper, certain kinds of music are appropriate for select foods. “People tend to say that sweet-tasting foods are associated with higher-pitched sounds and wind chimes, whereas savory foods are associated more with lower-pitched sounds and brass instruments,” stated experimental psychologist Charles Spence.

A Little Taste

You don’t have to eat that entire offering of broccoli in one sitting. You can simply eat tiny portions of it daily. As soon as you warm up to the taste, you’ll have no problem eating it straight from the plate.

To get a better feel for the food, throw it on some of your favorite meals.

A Different Environment

One of the biggest ways to soothe your taste buds involves where you eat. If you’re always eating at the kitchen or in your room, you’ll be more hesitant to try new foods. Try having your next meal at a nice restaurant.

With different scenery, you’ll be more willing to finally try out some healthy food. Having a nice chat with the server can also help you feel at ease.