Headaches can be debilitating and can take down even the strongest of us. It’s hard to do anything when you’re in pain, especially if you don’t know the cause and can’t fix it. Next time you have a headache, though, it might be worth looking at how your bra is fitting. The very thing that’s holding you up could be bringing you down.

A Pain Of Unknown Origin

Headaches are a normal part of life. We all get them, but when they’re chronic, headaches can disrupt your life. Instead of scouring the internet to try to figure out what is causing your pain, try the simplest solution.

Check to see how your bra is fitting. A bra that isn’t fitted properly, or an old worn-out bra, can tug and pull at your shoulders and your neck, causing you pain.

Getting A Proper Fit

Not sure if your bra isn’t fitting right? Look for these signs:

  1. Band riding up
  2. Straps falling down
  3. Cups are wrinkled
  4. Dented shoulders
  5. Center front isn’t touching chest
  6. Your chest is spilling out
  7. Using the last set of hooks

The best thing to do is go for a bra fitting at a local boutique. Studies show about 80 percent of women are wearing the wrong bra size. Chances are they experience headaches, backaches, and neck aches as a result.

Since your breasts change over time, it’s a good idea to get a professional fitting done every six months. Also, bras wear out over time, so replace them every year.

Kick The Headaches

A properly fitting bra should be so comfortable, you forget you’re wearing one. They’re not meant to be a hassle or cause pain, but to support and help.

Once you have a well-fitted bra, you may discover your headaches are a thing of the past. Start living your life free from pain and discomfort.