It’s never easy choosing a new place to live. There are many important factors to consider: the cost of living, the city’s safety, the education system (if you have children), and more. Whether you’re a recent college graduate or a married couple, you need to choose the best location for your budget, but also where you feel safe.

Luckily, there are plenty of cities and states in the United States that are affordable. There are cities that actually help incoming residents with everything from discounted rent and forgivable home loans to free college tuition. Does this sound like a good idea to you? We have a list of cities for you to consider. So, if you notice a job opening in one of these cities, apply for the job. The cost of living won’t break your budget.

New Haven, Connecticut

Who wouldn’t want to live in the city that’s home to Yale University, one of the most elite universities in the country? Not only is it a beautiful city, but it’s also affordable. The city’s Re:New Haven program offers up to $10,000 in interest-free loans to new homeowners, along with $30,000 to allow for energy-saving upgrades. In addition, if you live in a house for an extended period of time, the loans are 100-percent forgivable. For families, the city promises to cover in-state college tuition for students who graduate from a New Haven public school.

There are currently over 5,000 job openings in the city, including at T-Mobile, Edward Jones, Intuit, Great Clips, Synagro, Yale University, and many more. You might be making New Haven your new home. Go Bulldogs!

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Tulsa, Oklahoma is quickly becoming a desired city, especially with its Tulsa Remote program. Participants have access to furnished housing with discounted rent and free utilities for the first three months. Employees can take advantage of coworking spaces, as well as networking and workshop opportunities. But that’s not all. Participants who stay in the program for one year are eligible to receive a $10,000 cash stipend. Oklahoma doesn’t sound too bad now, does it?

There are currently over 13,000 job openings in the city for a variety of companies, including Macy’s, Midfirst Bank, CBRE, 360 Payments, FedEx Express, Sam’s Club, and more. If you thought living in Oklahoma was boring, think again.

Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore is becoming another popular city in the United States. The city is eliminating property abandonment by encouraging property seekers to invest in homes that have been marked vacant for one year or more through the city’s Vacants to Value Booster incentive. The program contributes $10,000 loans to your down payment and closing costs of formerly distressed properties. If you have to take out any loans in the first five years, the loans are forgivable.

The city of Baltimore currently has over 62,000 job openings for companies, including Bank of America, Target, Baltimore City Health Department, Medifast, Bath & Body Works, The University of Baltimore, Omaha Steaks, and more. While Baltimore is a bigger city, there are plenty of opportunities for your family to get involved in community organizations and more.

Hamilton, Ohio

A small town north of Cincinnati, Hamilton has plenty to offer new residents, including a reverse-scholarship program that pays new residents up to $5,000 that helps relieve student loan debt. However, you must have graduated within the last seven years from a program in science, technology, engineering, art, or mathematics [STEAM]. The city of Hamilton currently has over 8,000 job openings for a variety of companies, including Inpax Shipping Solutions, General Motors, Liberty Mutual Insurance, Duke Energy, and others. Does this sound appealing?

The state of Maine

Are you worried about your student loans? Do you worry about paying your rent because of the loans? You can decrease your debt while decreasing your taxes when you move to any city in the state of Maine. Through the Opportunity Maine Tax Credit, the state helps recent college graduates by subtracting the amount they might pay in their student loans from what they owe in state income tax. There are currently over 20,000 job openings throughout the state for a variety of companies and organizations, including Apple, Great Schools Partnership, Progressive, Goodwill Industries, and many more. Not only is Maine a gorgeous state with plenty of natural life to explore, but it’s also affordable for the whole family.

Harmony, Minnesota

You would live in perfect harmony in this city. Harmony, Minnesota offers a residential home construction rebate, offering up to $12,000 rebates, depending on the estimated market value of the house. There aren’t any restrictions on age, income level, or residency to be involved in the program. There are currently over 600 job openings in Harmony. While this number isn’t as large as others on our list, you can still work for highly respected companies, including Harmony Veterinary Clinic, Spring Valley Living, Luther College, and others.

The state of Alaska

Some people would jump at the chance to move to Alaska, and if that’s you, your dreams can come true. With the Alaska Permanent Fund, the state’s oil royalties are divided evenly among citizens and are paid out via an annual dividend to anyone living in the state, including children. In 2018, citizens earned $1,100 per person. There are currently over 2,000 job openings in the state, including at FedEx Express, Frito Lay, Delta Air Lines, Alaska Steel Co., and many others. Moving to Alaska could be the greatest adventure of your life.

St. Clair, Michigan

The city of St. Clair, Michigan pays recent college graduates up to $15,000 in student loan repayments. This award is available for future residents with STEAM degrees. Wouldn’t it be nice to move to a place that is rewarding you for your education? The city currently has over 3,000 job openings for a variety of companies, including Kohl’s, Super Service, Morrison Healthcare, and more. Are you ready to move?