Most of us spend all day sitting on our butts, and a flabby butt is not a beautiful butt. Butt workouts don’t have to be limited to the old back porch, however. Other parts of the body—the waist, back and/or legs, for instance—can benefit from the exercises below, which can be done anywhere and don’t require special equipment. Why not get more bang for your buck?! Let’s go!

Don’t Waist It

If you want to reduce the size of your waist and hips while working on your butt at the same time, try this: stand with feet together and hands behind your head. Drop into a squat. Reach behind you and touch the floor with your right hand, behind your right foot. While still squatting, do the same thing with your left hand. Return to standing position. Repeat eight to ten times. Remember to keep your abs tight and don’t drop your shoulders.

Big Move For The Big Muscles

Your legs and butt are two of the biggest muscles in your body. Try this exercise to tone both at the same time. Stand with your hands on your hips and your back straight. Do a half kneel, with your left leg on the ground and your right thigh not kneeling, but parallel to the floor. Stand up again. Do another half kneel, this time with the right leg kneeling and the left leg perpendicular. Repeat ten times.

Glutes and Hammies, Oh My

To get toned hamstrings–which will help the appearance of your butt, too–try these hip extensions of the quadrupeds. Get on all fours on the floor, keeping your back straight. Make sure your wrists are below your shoulders and keep your fingers pointing forward. Lift your left leg, keeping the knee bent, pointing your foot towards the ceiling. Do that twelve times. Repeat with the right leg.

Abs-olutely The Best Butt Workout Ever!

Lie on the floor with your legs positioned normally and your hands behind your head. Pull your right knee towards your chest. Keeping your hands behind your head, bring your left elbow down to touch your knee. Repeat ten times. Repeat the same move with the other leg and elbow.

Back Up That Beautiful Butt

If you’re spending time and energy on your butt muscles, think about the fact that a fat back will detract from your toned butt. A beautiful, toned back will complement that tushy, however. This one is simple and the results will be noticeable. Lie on the floor and lift yourself up to the plank stance, balancing on your palms. Keeping your right leg straight, lift it off the floor, while also pointing your left arm.  Then you will be balancing on your left leg and right arm. Repeat 5-10 times. Switch legs and arms.