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With only a few employer-paid holidays a year and a limited amount of paid vacation time, it might be nice to start taking time to recharge when you’re starting to feel overwhelmed at work.

When Stress Takes Over

When you’re sitting at your desk, and you just can’t seem to find the motivation to check off the items on your to-do list, it doesn’t always mean you hate your job, you might just need a little break.

Despite having vacation time to use, 52% of Americans in 2017 left unused paid time off sitting on the table. Whether you put off a vacation because you’re worried about leaving the office, you don’t have enough vacation days or don’t have the finances to cover a trip, not taking the time off could be impacting your performance at work.

Everyone Needs A Break

In a recent article in Harvard Business Review, a time-management coach introduced the idea of taking “microvacations,” which has become a viable option for those concerned about taking long trips to get away from the office.

By taking a microvacation, which is described as a trip that requires a day or less away from work, it allows people to fully relax and not worry about finding someone to cover their work or feel stressed when they return to hundreds of unread emails.

Taking A Moment To Rest And Recharge

Companies who are at the forefront of employee wellbeing and giving their team’s extra time for vacation are seeing that their results are increasing. That’s because, the simple act of taking some time to get the things done you need to or spending a day relaxing, decreases stress and ultimately burn-out.

Everyone has lived outside of the office, and it’s okay to need a day to paint a room in your house or slip away to a quiet place for a spa day if it means your mental health will remain stable.