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French beauty tips that will land you a date

Quick notes:

  • Red lipstick is the standard

  • Plain haircuts work best

  • Logo-free is the way to be

With so many beauty magazines out there, everyone’s trying new ways to look beautiful. Some will have you looking like a trash fire than a superstar, though. In France, the women look so amazing, you’ll think you’re always at a fashion show. Fortunately, these five beauty hacks will give you that Covergirl look.

Red is the way to go

Lipstick is key in making your lips stand out. There are so many types of lipstick available for your needs. Women with small lips love cream lipstick because it makes their lips look full. Over the years, gloss lipstick has been one of the most popular ones sold. This lipstick gives your lips the perfect shine for attracting your date or a cab home.


Red lipstick is the perfect choice for any occasion. This gives you a sophisticated look and attracts the most attention. A University of Manchester study discovered men stare at women with red lipstick for 7.3 seconds. All of your favorite singers have been singing its praises in songs. You don’t hear them performing songs like “Matte Lipstick Mayhem” or “Cream Lipstick Heaven.”

Keep it simple with the hairdo

Celebrities keep bringing exciting and weird ways to make their hair come alive. As expected, these hairstyles go viral on social media and in the news. Actress Keri Russell saw her life turned upside down after her infamous pixie haircut during Felicity.

“I did not expect all the hysteria. Strangers did come up to me on the street and say things like, ‘You were so pretty before you cut your hair,'” Russell told W Magazine.

Many people try to emulate them, but a few walk away with bad results. They might accidentally set their hair on fire or cut the wrong part off. In France, they don’t believe in turning their hair into an experiment. They head to the salon for a simple cut or put their hair in a ponytail. Going simple is just as effective as going all out with your hair.

Ditch those logos

Logos on clothes are the best way for folks to represent what they enjoy. Whether it’s comic book characters or musicians, it will always get looks. It can also lead to debates about which U2 album is the best one. For many, it beats wearing a plain T-shirt. A simple T-shirt can give off the impression that you’re a boring person.

French women avoid logos on their clothing at all costs. Having a logo can give away how much you’ve spent on clothes. The last thing you’d want is for folks at a posh party knowing you’ve dropped $10 on a top. While logos have to disappear, this doesn’t mean designs have to fade away. You can wear some stylish designs to show your artistic side.

Less makeup, please

Women love throwing on makeup before heading on a girl’s night out. Some of them enjoy makeup too much. While they believe it’s fine, there’s a downside to it. Too much makeup will lead to irritated skin and a higher risk of infection. Cleansing ingredients from makeup removers can also cause a problem.

“If they remain, the residue from them may expose the skin to excess amounts of various chemicals including emulsifiers and surfactants. These can dry the skin and also irritate it,” dermatologist Susan Stuart told the Huffington Post.

The French believe less makeup is better. This makes it easier to showcase their true beauty. If you need to use makeup, throw on some blush, neutral eyeshadows, and a bit of mascara.

Don’t bother touching your face

French ladies have amazing skin because they avoid touching their face with their hands. This would be a tall task for everyone else. People are always scratching their nose or rubbing their eyes and forehead. Most of this behavior stems from childhood when kids would touch virtually anything.

These ladies wash their hands frequently to avoid hazardous conditions on their face. One known condition is telangiectasia, which forms veins in your eyelids. This condition can be treated with creams and laser surgery. Aside from diseases, touching your face can also lead to breakouts. Having a slew of breakouts on your face can force you to stay indoors. Cleaning your face in the morning is essential in keeping the diseases away.

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