The Richest

When someone mentions “psychiatrist” or “therapist,” we often conjure up an image of a judgemental, bespectacled person who charges way too much for out-there theories about our bad childhoods or temperamental parents and nods a lot. Whether from bad practices or poor media coverage, psychotherapists have a bad reputation.

Psychotherapy In A Nutshell

Just ask Anton Shutov, a psychotherapist who has seen it all, done it all, and no doubt helped clients through it all. He is a professional social psychotherapist who often takes to his Twitter account to share advice on love, life, and the profession that is psychotherapy.

Some of the most interesting information he writes about is self-reflective. Not only does he think that there are very few truly talented specialists in the industry, but he also recommends shopping around as much as possible.

Twitter Advice

Anton himself hasn’t found the right psychotherapistyes, he believes that every psychotherapist should have their own psychotherapistand indicates that a good match will leave you feeling lighter and happier. So if you don’t immediately feel comfortable with your specialists, look for another one.

Some of the best advice Anton Shutov has posted about has to do with personal relationships. He writes about the healing power of hugs (“If you are having doubts about whether you should hug a person or not, hug!”), that a family who easily and often say “I love you” to each other is emotionally healthy and strong, and that staying your own person in a relationship is very important for long-term health.

Why You Should Tune In

Anton’s practical tone and down-to-earth style make it easy to read (and believe) that he knows what he’s talking about. Anton is genuinely trying to help people live a better life, which isn’t something that can be said for every specialist out there.

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