Heart Issues


There are nearly 60,000 miles of blood vessels all throughout the human body. These tiny vessels all branch from arteries, which carry oxygen-rich blood throughout the body. Stemming from your brain to the tips of your toes, keeping arteries healthy is vital in order to prevent heart attacks and strokes.

While many people are unaware that their arteries are clogged or beginning to, there’s an easy way to reverse this from happening. By eating the following 5 foods, you can keep your arteries healthy and prevent future heart-health issues.

Citrus Fruits Reduce Blood Pressure

Eating citrus fruits can protect your arteries from clogging. This is especially true for foods high in viscous fiber such as oranges and grapefruits, according to the University of Southern California Department of Preventative Medicine. Researchers also found citrus fruits can significantly reduce people’s systolic blood pressure.

As you’ll soon find out, there are plenty of orange-colored food items that will help with the heart.

Walnuts Make Your Arteries Flexible

Walnuts are great for heart health, along with being a yummy snack. Eating walnuts can improve the flexibility of your arteries, according to research conducted by Yale University’s Prevention Research Center. Walnuts have also been proven to work better than olive oil in protecting arteries from damage that may follow eating a meal high in saturated fats.

Fish Contain Healthy Omega-3s

Fish such as herring, tuna, trout, and salmon have a ton of healthy omega-3 fatty acids. These types of acids positively affect blood cholesterol levels. If these levels get out of hand, they can lead to clogged arteries.

In a study by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, women who ate at least two servings of fish were found to have better cardiovascular health than those who did not. 

Flaxseed Prevents Cardiovascular Disease

Another food with amazing omega-3 fatty acids, flaxseed is great for preventing cardiovascular disease. These little seeds are also wonderful because they contain fiber and phytoestrogens which are known to boost heart health.

If you aren’t too keen on eating the seeds raw, you can find bread and cereals fortified with flax.

Turmeric Is A Superfood

If you aren’t yet familiar with turmeric, get yourself acquainted. There have been more than 200 research studies analyzing the incredible health benefits of turmeric and its active ingredient, curcumin. Tumeric protects the heart while also preventing metabolic conditions that may induce the onset of heart issues. You can purchase turmeric in its root or powdered forms.