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Food has the power to fight cancer, protect you from heart disease, and even boost your immune system so you can stay healthy on a daily basis. These five foods are some of the best. They have in them the ability to heal your body and your mind, just like magic.

Ginger Is The Root To Health

Ginger’s ability to keep us balanced and restore health has been known for centuries. It is used to calm the stomach and ease digestion, and also treats inflammation, nausea, colds, and the flu. This is due to the fact that it contains hundreds of naturally healing metabolites and compounds.

The Healing Power Of Cranberries

Most people know cranberries for their ability to treat UTIs. However, their restorative powers actually go much further. They are rich in antioxidants, guarding against and repairing cell damage in the body. They also prevent certain kinds of cancer. Making them a diet staple could go a long way for your health.

Oatmeal Is Less Boring Than We Thought

Whether you’re talking about heart health, energy, digestion, blood sugar, or cholesterol, oatmeal is there for your body. It helps not only to prevent problems in these areas but to heal you as well. On top of all that, oatmeal applied directly to the skin can even treat dermatological conditions.

All Mushrooms Have Some Kind Of Magic

Many kinds of mushrooms, including white, button, shiitake, crimini, and portabella, contain elements that protect and heal our bodies. They boost the immune system immensely and have been found to slow down tumor growth with their lentinan content. Mushrooms also keep your heart healthy with the good cholesterol they contain.

Olive Oil Can Heal You From The Outside In

People who live around the Mediterranean are known to live longer and get sick less. Researchers have discovered that olive oil may be behind this. It is rich in omega-3 and contains monounsaturated fatty acids, which work well in preventing heart conditions and high blood pressure. It is also an incredible treatment for skin and hair.