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Everyone knows to wash their hands after they go to the bathroom. It prevents the spread of germs. Whether they do it or not, however, is another story. What you may not know is that there’s another bathroom practice that spreads germs like wildfire across a roomand it could easily affect your health.

Bad Bathroom Business

Do you usually leave the lid open or closed when you fulsh the toilet? As it turns out, flushing the toilet without closing the lid may very well be just as bad as when people use the bathroom without washing their hands.

When the lid is up and the toilet is flushed, germs are spread across the room. That is an absolute fact. If microorganisms from the toilet get into the air, it becomes much easier to get sick.

Why You Should Never Watch The Brown Go Down

Leaving the toilet seat up while flushing is particularly bad when you go number two or vomit, and it’s even worse if you’re sick. So much harmful bacteria is contained in feces and vomit. Allowing it to be distributed into the air by flushing without closing the lid is a horrible idea.

The phenomenon of the spreading of toilet germs by way of flushing is called the “toilet plume.” It essentially creates a natural aerosol of what ever is in the toilet when it is flushed and starts swirling.

The Effects Last Longer Than You Might Think

What’s worse, the same germs can continue to be spread through multiple flushes if the toilet lid is up, even after the original waste has been flushed down. That means even more people are at risk of contracting illnesses from flushing with the lid up.

The amount of flushes needed to completely rid the toilet of the waste once in it depends on several factors, such as how clean the toilet was before and how much fecal matter or vomit got onto the bowl itself. Of course, just because someone flushes with the lid up does not mean subsequent users of the bathroom will automatically get sick, but why risk it?