While vacations are heavenly, packing for them can be stressful. In fact, 37 percent of travelers wind up canceling flights because of it. Celebrities know a thing or two about having to travel on a constant basis. These five celebrities offer some great packing advice on how to travel comfortably.

Always Carry On

Checked bags can be a hassle when you’re on a long line. Model Gigi Hadid only uses a carry-on bag for her traveling needs. “I try to only travel with carry-on at all times. I pretty much spend half my life at the airport, so checking in bags is just going to add more onto that,” she told Harper’s Bazaar.

Run With The Pack

Over the past few years, fanny packs have seen a resurgence thanks to various celebrities. This tiny pouch is perfect for keeping the most important valuables close to you. “I’m not afraid of the fanny pack. Practicality wins out. I’ve got so much gear in here that I don’t want in my pockets,” Matthew McConaughey told CSN.

Time To Unpack

When you arrive at your destination, you’ll often want to go exploring right away. Actress Christina Applegate avoids leaving her hotel until everything is unpacked. “It makes me feel settled. I love how organized and clean hotels are; there’s just something so wonderful about perfectly rolled up towels and soaps in the right place,” she told InStyle.

Wrap It Up

There’s always a slight chance something might accidentally spill on the plane ride. To prevent this, actress Julia Stiles place her toiletries in bubble wrap. “There are these little, square toiletry bags that have bubble wrap on the outside, but by airport security, they’re considered plastic baggies that you can put your toiletries in when you have to declare them,” she told Travel + Leisure.

Right On Track

In order to not lose luggage, model Adriana Lima always uses luggage with a built-in GPS. Bluesmart One’s Smart Luggage and Raden’s A22 Smart 22-Inch carry on spinner suitcase. are perfect examples. If you can’t find a luggage/GPS hybrid, you can purchase a removable luggage tracker. LugLoc, TrackDot, and Keynice are some of the top brands around.