A major struggle in the gym can be getting a bigger, more muscular chest. Without one, those arms and shoulders will look a bit asymmetrical to your upper body. Fortunately, the right exercises can help turn the tide during your workout. Here are five ways to help make that chest stand out.

Push The Limits

Push ups are easily the most simplistic exercise on this list. You can do them wherever and however you want. For better results, do around 50 pushups a day. Of course, you can increase or decrease the amount depending on your situation. Those who aren’t savvy with pushups can easily do them on their knees for great results.

Carry That Weight

Unlike normal dips, weighted dips helps you strengthen your triceps. This exercise is different than the rest because you can add as much weight as you desire. Record setting powerlifter Eric Spoto always adds this to his regimen. “Weighted dips is my favorite exercise, if there is one secret exercise I would say that’s it. You can get the same feel as bench, use crazy weights and no need for spotter,” he told Lift Unlimited.

Learning To Fly

Aside from your chest, dumbbell flys are great for working on your arms. “The fly is great because it’s a nice chest opener and teaches scapular retraction,” fitness expert Joey Thurman told Shape. Scapular retraction gives you better posture by pushing your shoulder blades together. This exercise can also be done from home by lying on the floor.

Approach The Bench

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Frank Zane were once proud users of the cross-bench dumbbell pullovers. While most bodybuilders have dropped this exercise, you can still find good use for it. This exercise is perfect for those looking to train both their lats and pecs. On average, you should do around 12 to 20 reps.

A Longtime Classic

The bench press is the bread and butter of a great chest workout. This workout isn’t just for massive athletes, either. Two time PGA Tour champion Rory McIlroy can bench press around 250 pounds. “I’m not as strong as I look. I’m sorry to disappoint you,” he told Golf Magazine. In order to see better results, have a spotter nearby.