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What’s in a name? Well, when it comes to picking one for your baby, it means a lot. A name can give an impression of the individual to those that hear it. Over the decades, many names have seen a sharp decline in popularity. Let’s look at five names that you rarely see anymore.


Before the ’80s, Homer was best known as the name of the iconic Greek poet. Since 1897, the name is synonymous with the iconic cartoon series The Simpsons. There’s no actual evidence that the show brought usage of the name to an all time low. Other famous people named Homer include former Arkansas governor Homer Martin Adkins and activist Homer Plessy.


Barbara might seem like a pretty common name, but there haven’t been many famous Barbaras in the U.S. since the ’80s. Over in Europe, however, it’s still a fairly used name to this day. Within the past decade, there have been two films in Europe named Barbara.


In the 1800s, Edith was one of the most popular names in the world. Nowadays, it’s a rarity to find someone with the name. In 2016, it was listed as the 488th most popular female name in the U.S. Recently, Edith found new popularity with the award winning video game What Remains of Edith Finch and the Despicable Me film franchise.


Clarence was a popular male name in the early 1900s. Some famous people with the name include the E. Street Band’s Clarence Clemons and Supreme Court judge Clarence Thomas. In 2014, Cartoon Network brought the name the back in style with the series Clarence, which lasted three seasons. In 2017, it was the 388th most popular name for boys in the U.S.


In Roman mythology, Flora is the goddess of springtime. In Latin, the name means flower. With such a delightful history, it’s quite shocking to not see many girls named Flora. One of the most famous people with the name is Flora Purim, also known as The Queen of Brazilian Jazz.