In today’s world, dating is one of the most difficult things ever. There will come a time when you finally meet the right one for you. Unfortunately, they might be another waste of time. We look at some signs that show that your date is simply not the one.

Level 5 Cling-On

When you first meet your date, you want to be around them all of the time. After a while, both of you need time to breathe and have your own lives. You’ll need to avoid those who constantly need to be around you 24/7. It never works out with the clingy type.

Hitting Fast Forward

While you often hear about it with celebrity couples, getting serious quickly is quite scary. There’s a good chance you don’t want a house and kids following your first date. If this happens, you can simply walk away from the situation. There’s a good chance that your date is simply looking for anyone at this point.

Straight To Voicemail

Texting has become the norm in today’s world. It’s become so much that folks don’t really call anyone. If your date refuses to call you, they could be playing mind games. By limiting how you can connect with them, they’ll think they’re in full control of things.

Lying To You

There’s nothing worse than catching someone in a lie. No one benefits from it. If you catch your date telling numerous lies, you’ll know something is up. There’s a good chance they’re lying to hide their true self. Give them an ultimatum to either tell the truth or you’re walking out the door.

Hiding The Folks

In all serious relationships, you’ll eventually have to meet their loved ones. Those who withhold their friends and family from you are simply hiding something. They could very well still be in a relationship while seeing you. There’s a very small chance they could be married when they meet you.