Haircare Mishaps

Ian Gavan

Whether you’re getting ready for a job interview or a night out, your hair’s health is crucial. Many times, people tend to rush things in the bathroom and create a plethora of problems. Let’s look at some typical mistakes people tend to make when it comes to taking care of that hair.

Summertime Blues

When it comes to the summer, the sun can have a hazardous effect on your hair. Many people simply believe that UV protection is only for our skin. Wrong—without the proper treatment, your hair will become a total wreck. Hats can’t help you in this scenario, so be sure to grab the best heat protectant spray.

Behind The Mask

Wet hair shouldn’t be covered in hair mask immediately after a shower. Many people assume that the product will work better this way. However, the wetness will simply negate the effects of the conditioner. If you’re looking to speed up the drying process, use a paper towel on your hair.

Skip The Wrap

If you believe that wrapping your hair in a towel will keep your hair from getting destroyed, think again. Many people don’t realize that hair loss can occur when pulling wet hair from a towel. It’s also best to not have a tight ponytail in windy conditions. You can wind up with a few missing strands of hair that way too.

Too Slick For Ticks

When many hair enthusiasts hear the word “silicone,” they automatically lump it in as a negative. Surprisingly enough, silicone actually aids your hair. If your hair has been destroyed from the sun, silicone will give it a slick feel. The kinds of silicones that are perfect for this include amodimethicone and dimethicone.

Break The Cycle

Getting the wrong kind of shampoo happens more times than people like to admit. Continuously doing this can have a negative effect on your hair. If you love dying your hair, stay away from moisturizing shampoos because the color will fade faster. Select people with oily scalps should use light shampoos on a daily basis.