Hormones rule over many functions in our bodies. From growth to mood to metabolism to sex, hormones out of whack can wreak havoc on our lives. Lucky for us there are foods which can help regulate your hormones! Next time you’re feeling out of balance, try these foods to get you back on track.

Regulate Estrogen With Broccoli

This cruciferous vegetable contains phytochemicals called indoles, which help metabolize estrogen in the body. Stable estrogen levels are necessary for both men and women, as they regulate weight and stress levels. Broccoli also contains fiber which has been shown to help shed excess estrogen and reduce your chances of developing estrogen-related cancers.

Sunflower Seeds Keep Your Liver Working

Sunflower seeds contain high amounts of vitamin E and selenium, which not only affect estrogen but progesterone as well. Selenium helps to detoxify your liver, an organ that plays an essential part in hormone regulation. The Vitamin E in this powerful seed helps regulate your progesterone levels, which is a necessary piece to a healthy body.

Thyroids Love Edible Seaweed

There are several different edible seaweeds you can eat, like nori, kombu, wakame, and hijiki. All of these contain iodine, which can play a part in regulating your thyroid hormones. Thyroid hormone levels are important for regulating your body temperature, and the function of several other organs. Healthy thyroid hormone levels also give you energy!

Lift Your Spirits With Chickpeas

With depression’s increasing presence in modern day life, it’s important to head it off at every pass. Chickpeas are high in vitamin B6 and folate, which affect serotonin and dopamine levels. These two hormones are key players in your happiness, so it’s important to keep them in balance for your continued mental health.

Sweet Potatoes— More Than A Holiday Sidedish

Sweet potatoes are high in sugar content, so it’s surprising to learn about their ability to regulate insulin levels. Your pancreas produces insulin, and controlling those levels is important in preventing diseases like diabetes. Also, like chickpeas, sweet potatoes are high in vitamin B6. This vitamin helps regulate your happy hormones, serotonin, and dopamine.