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When it comes to foods, the packaging can be hiding some hazardous things. Because the food is simply delectable, many people tend to ignore any negative effects. Unfortunately, that can lead to trouble in the future. We look at five foods and their shocking truths that were kept hidden. You may want to think again before reaching for your favorite snack.

Who’s Got The Juice?

Juicers have been seen in households across the country. Many people want their favorite fruits and vegetables transformed into a delicious drink. However, turning your vegtables in a drink is something you should avoid. Since most people don’t heat their vegetables, food poisoning is a severe possiblity. You can also lose out on fiber and protein.

The Beef Is On

One of the biggest snacks purchased at convenience stores is beef jerky. People love it because it fills their daily portion of meat. Unfortunately, this snack is completely drenched in sodium. So much sodium can lead to heart disease and a possible stroke. Meatless vegan jerky is a great altertnative.

Sowing The Seeds

In recent years, chia seeds have been seen everywhere from yogurt to smoothies. This chia seed craze does come at a high price, though. While they include a great amount of nutrients, it’s not worth buying them for everything. There are several replacements for chia seeds, including flax seeds. You’ll save plenty of money in the end.

Popcorn Double Feature

Whenever you’re looking for a snack at home, you’ll often heat up microwavable poopcorn. If you eat too much of it, you could get cancer. The microwavable bags feature PFOA, which is used to make Teflon. If you’re still in the popcorn mood, you can air pop your kernels.

Go Down Low

People will often equate low calorie diets to dramatically losing weight. Unfortunately, low calorie diets only lead to a small amount of weight loss in your system. Aside from that, these diets could lead to diarrhea and fatigue. Children, pregnant women, and people over 50 shouldn’t touch these specific diets.