What if you could come back from vacation fitter and healthier than before you left? Well, you can if you head to a fitness vacation camp. People will often eat a bunch of junk and lounge around on vacation. After all, it’s a vacation. But these healthful getaways take a different approach to vacationing.

Tune up for the mind, body, and spirit

These places offer their vacationers an escape to paradise where they can rejuvenate themselves and return to a natural healthy stress-free state. And the end of winter is the busiest season for some of these places. It’s a time when people are looking to drop their winter weight.

“This time of year we are extremely busy as everybody is in need of some time in the sun welcoming an opportunity to reconnect with their bodies that have been hiding under their winter coats for the past months. They realize that summer is just around the corner,” Bikini Bootcamp owner and founder Melissa Perlman told Fox News.

Bikini Bootcamp – Tulum, Mexico

Bikini Bootcamp is a six-day stay at Amansala resort in Tulum, Mexico. Bikini Bootcampers are housed in gorgeous beachfront cabanas arranged in a village-like setting. The tranquil landscape also offers views of the jungle that stretch far and wide. The star gazing, sunsets, sunshine, and warm ocean water create the perfect spot for renewing your mind body and spirit.

The fitness portion of the getaway includes morning beach walks and workouts, a variety of fitness classes including yoga, walking tours of local attractions, spa services, clay treatments, and healthy eating.

“Is bootcamp better in paradise? Without a doubt. Does it actually work? My jeans are loose. And we all know the hips don’t lie,” Jenny Hewett wrote of her Bikini Bootcamp experience. “Instead of overindulging in local fare, consuming cocktails, and lying on the beach.”

The Ashram – Calabasas, CA

This fitness getaway is located in the foothills of the Santa Monica Mountains. It’s a super exclusive retreat attended by celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and Oprah Winfrey. It’s usually booked nine months in advance.

The Ashram’s regimen involves intense hikes, gym and dance classes, yoga, Pilates, strength training, and a 1,000-calorie raw food daily diet that is eaten mindfully. They are pretty strict over The Ashram. You’re not allowed to have your phone and there is no TV or Internet allowed.

“The Ashram is my home away from home. I have returned to The Ashram every year for over 20 years. I first came to The Ashram to make my body smaller.”

“Then I realized that the biggest benefit of going to The Ashram is actually to make my heart bigger and my mind more peaceful. The Ashram provides healthy food and invigorating hiking and fitness in a warm family environment. I would strongly encourage anyone to make The Ashram part of your annual well-being practice,” Andy G. Boston said.

SHA Wellness Clinic – El Albir, Spain

Want to vacation like Madonna, Naomi Campbell, Demi Moore, and Yoko Ono? Then the SHA Wellness Center is for you. The SHA Wellness Center is located on the edge of the Sierra Helada Natural Park and overlooks the majestic Mediterranean.

In addition to enjoying the breathtaking views, vacationers will enjoy T’ai Chi, outdoor yoga sessions, Pilates, meditation, Macrobiotic cooking classes, walks, and inspiring lectures. They also offer Eastern therapies for weight loss, detox, anti-stress, and other rejuvenating programs.

“We went for the second time with our son and the SHA Wellness Clinic is really something else! High qualified therapists, staff and medical doctors. Everything is personalized so you can choose your own goals which are impossible not to achieve in this environment. Whether you are ill, you want to give your immune system a boost, you just want to change your lifestyle or you want to chill in the best possible way, SHA is the place for all of it. The expectations were very high when we went back because of our special and emotional memories of our first visit. We were not disappointed and experienced also the second time as life-changing,” wrote nicolequerido on TripAdvisor.