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It seems like every day a new fitness studio or workout video is released, guaranteeing that you will see results if you stick to their overpriced programs. While some routines may only last long enough for another trendy workout to pop up the next block over, these five fitness fads will stand the test of time.

Change It Up In The Gym

When you do the same workout over-and-over again, you may start to realize that you’re no longer getting as tired or sore as you used to. Trying new workouts, pushing yourself to lift more weight, or finding ways to fit workouts into everyday routines will keep your body resilient and working hard.

Train Multiple Muscle Groups In One Workout

There’s no reason you need to spend two hours in the gym doing weight exercises when you can easily get the same work done in less time by doing exercises that engage multiple muscle groups at once. Moves like a deadlift followed by a weighted squat will engage your legs, glutes, and core.

Take Shorter, Faster Runs

While a long-distance run may burn calories, experts have shown that short, fast-paced runs are a more productive workout. Interval training improves your body’s cardiovascular capacity and trains your body to deliver oxygen to the working muscles. It also builds more strength in multiple muscle groups than you would if running a marathon.

Try Training On Different Terrains

Running inside on a treadmill gives runners a low-impact option where they can customize their workouts by speed and incline. But outdoor runs provide different terrains which will engage more muscle groups. Runners who are used to using a treadmill should try to fit in one outdoor run for every five times they run inside.

Get Acquainted With Diverse Recovery Days

Breathing, stretching and relaxation practices after a workout are an important part of changing your body and staying healthy. Try different meditation routines, stretches including yoga or foam rollers, and look into aromatherapy to round-out a successful workout. Your body will always need rest, so these healthy fads won’t fade.